Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You never Know unless you try

You Never Know
Written by Gary Witt

Sunday, 24 July 2011 08:43

Sometimes when we talk to people about concealed carry we wonder how or if our words and actions will make a difference in the attitude, outlook and decisions of others. Other times we may wonder what prompts a business decision to post or remove “no guns” signs. OFCC member Sean Maloney found out both after teaching a CHL class earlier this year.

Sean contacted OFCC on July 21st about a former student who talked to him regarding the no guns signs at United Dairy Farmer stores. In his words “I had an UDF Official take my CCW Class and he informed me they were considering it...... He informed me last week that the policy change was official, the signs were coming down.....” He also wrote that he was told by his former student that the regional managers had been removing them as they visited each store, and that UDF phones were ringing because CCW holders noticed.

The UDF corporate office in Cincinnati confirmed to OFCC that the policy to remove the signs went into effect July 13th and Sean gave permission to contact his former student for some background information on the decision.

Zone manager Bill Bales, Sean’s student, spoke with OFCC. He was sent to the class by UDF to get more information and Sean provided information and statistics that he provided to UDF upper management for them to use in making their decision. Some UDF stores have Class D liquor permits (although he didn’t specify which ones) and Mr. Bales said that when Senate Bill 17 was signed that removes the restriction from CHL holders from being in an establishment that had a Class D permit, removing the signs became much easier for UDF. Mr. Bales indicated that many in UDF upper management have CHLs and the company welcomes CHL holders in their stores. OFCC took the next step of notifying its members and supporters through a post on the forum and deleted the fifty-three UDF stores listed in OFCC’s Do Not Patronize While Armed database.

So pack up yourself or yourself and family and support the company that welcomes CHL holders by stopping, whether it be for picking up some small items, a quart of milk or some great tasting ice cream. While you’re there, think about thanking the management for removing the signs.

Note: the UDF did not post until about 2 years after CCW went into effect in Ohio, and at that time appeals to take down the signs fell on deaf ears. In this case it was finding the right person to listen, and Sean got it done

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