Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Allen Schulman of Canton Ohio

Is a frothing idiot

I really do not think the actions of one officer, reflects the Dept. or the city,
but in earlier coverage, the Canton Police Chief, stated his dept was still adjusting to the concealed carry laws, excuse me but it has been 7 years!. If your officers and dept are that slow in adjusting, perhaps you should get out of police work, and open a fast food joint.

Since Allen is city Council President, it reflects that the entire city government has a negative attitude toward concealed carry, and citizens right to self defense.

But note Mr Schulman the problems you are having with guns in your city, are not the guns carried by license holders. The problem you have is an individual officer stepped way out of line.

I have talked to 2 lawyers, and several officers who have reviewed the video, and they all said the same thing, the officers involved, did not use correct  procedures, and they were in fact lucky, that the driver was a licensed armed citizen, and not an armed felon, or video might have shown an entirely different outcome

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