Monday, April 16, 2012

Not my year

NRA show this year was great, but not my year to be there I guess, somewhere Friday misplaced my credit card, and thankfully canceled it. Did not pack modem or power cord for lap top, and left camera in the car as it was pouring rain when we arrived

The best parts were seeing people I know like Massad Ayoob, Marty Shaw, a quick hello with Julie Golob, and some of those I have trained with, met Ron Pincus. Perhaps I wasn't in the blogging  mood.

Did see and handle the new M&P single stack and it looks to hold some promise for the ccw crowd

Perhaps the silliest gun I saw was the lever action Circuit Judge
Between Rossi and Taurus they have sold a boatload or two, and I suppose they ride that horse as long as they can.

All the NRA shows I've attended have been crowded but this one had gridlock, and it seemed to much trouble to try to fight the crowd to get back to the few products that might have proved interesting. But it is good to know so many were attending, and perhaps we will have the numbers in November.

I didn't attend but saw some of the speeches on C span, and I did find Newt moving, it was the idea that "All" men should have the choice to be armed, not just here but everywhere.

Well there is always the next time...........

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