Tuesday, April 03, 2012

They have no logic

Are anti's incapable of logical thought?

Although I never needed my gun at work, although there were a couple of events that I thought I might, I was more concerned about the trip to and from, that something might take place. Both events at work the persons in question left, went home and returned  with a gun, luck or something stopped them from hurting anyone. Once a manager came and ask me if I had my gun with me, I said yes, why?, and he said so so had left and had threatened to come  back with an AK, and he wanted my gun in case he did, I said no, if he comes back, I'll take care of it. He didn't so nothing happened. Even though it was against policy, the managers were fine with the fact I had a gun at work. 

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Anonymous said...

It seems that if an employer prohibited workers who have carry permits to retain their firearms on the job and someone does enter the premises with the intention to do harm, that may leave the employer open to a lawsuit... If companies and schools get sued for preventing self defense they may change their minds. i know if I get attacked somewhere where I am forced to disarm, I will hold those who prevented me from defending myself accountable.