Friday, May 20, 2011

Training Sheep

Of course being a campus the sheepdogs are unarmed too

GET OUT of the area to somewhere safe. Leave the room and go in the opposite direction from any shooter. (most classrooms have one point of entry/exit)

CALL OUT to 911. Give as many details about what you saw or heard and your current location. Do not assume that someone else has called – you may have new information for the police. (Only if you have made it to a safe secure location, 911 takes seconds, and the police are only minutes away, and if it is a school the 911 lines will be busy from all the calls)

HIDE OUT. If you can not leave, turn out the lights of the room you are in, and hide until help arrives. Avoid hallways, turn your cell phone on silent, and remain as quiet as possible. (Hiding under a desk is not hiding, it is just making you an easy target)

KEEP OUT. Lock, block, or barricade the door with any available furniture. (this does work, but you need to work fast, and being wrong is ok, barricade now)

TAKE OUT. This is a last resort when you have no other option, this is the life or death situation. Attempt to take out the shooter however you can. (This is a viable option, and if the shooter is in the room may well be your best bet, this guys are not looking for a fight , just easy targets. Attack with whatever you have and be loud about it, and do it swiftly)


BornLib said...

Be loud about it? Why?

The Duck said...

Startle reflex