Monday, August 25, 2008

Leaving Blackwater

We finished up with the Para TTR & had turned in our special Para Gun Blog models,
since I had driven I was pulling out as Nick arrived with the Blackhawk bus to pick up the rest of the group, & headed home.

Driving west my mind went over the training of Todd Jarrett, & how the companies Para-USA, Blackhawk, International Cart. Comp, Crimson Trace & Blackwater, had put the weekend together, & all the products we saw,used & received.
About the other bloggers, real group of good decent people, & some were fine shooters to boot.

I was on the causeway heading west towards the tunnel at Newport News, when an east bound sea gull deposited a fair well gift on my windshield, as if to say "welcome back to the real world sucker!"

I'll post more on everything tomorrow.
The Duck out.

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