Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Packing List

  1. Clothes for 5 days, chk
  2. Shaving kit, chk
  3. Spare Boots, chk
  4. Spyerdco, chk
  5. Advil, chk
  6. Map's, chk
  7. Bandaids, ck
  8. Cash & cc, chk
  9. Hat, chk
  10. Jacket, chk
  11. Camera, chk
  12. BenchMade, chk
  13. Snacks, chk
  14. Cooler, chk
  15. Muffs, chk
  16. Shooting gloves, chk
  17. 9mm 4 spare mags, chk
  18. 2 surfires, chk
  19. spare batteries, chk
  20. AR-15, chk
  21. 6 30 rd mags, chk

Well it appears, I'm pretty much packed for the Para-USA trip, got about 150 rds down range last night. Finally really shot the Warrior last night, very nice what can I say one prettty much ragged hole. Also shot the Sig P6 that I bought in May, & it shoots real well two, not at tight at the Kimber, & of course a BHP, & a Sig 226, most slow fire, but a few rapid at the end.

I was keeping them all on target at 7 yds, just don't want to look bad when I get over there.

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