Wednesday, August 27, 2008

International Cartridge Company You would think that when ICC got the call, about the blogger shoot, & asked if they would donate between 18,000 to 27,000 rounds of frangible ammo for a 3 day shoot for bloggers, you would imagine a lot of laughing, & hoots & hollars.

But that was not the case. Dan Smith of ICC brought that much if not more, & handed it to us like it was christmas. Dan was one very popular guy all weekend. ( I thought I said it out loud but perhaps only thought it "we are not in Kansas anymore")

This was my first time with Frangible ammo, & it shot very well. & everything I heard about it, was pretty impressive. ICC is running 12 million 9mm a year, (which is about enough to keep Todd Jarrett supplied)
I didn't get any numbers for any other calibers. It is the future of ammo, at least for indoor ranges & steel shooting. It shoots cooler, it's lead free, & the QC is more controllable than with jacketed ammo.

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