Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Many Instructors take a causal approach

But some like Don Myers don't

People who do CCW Training have to take the job seriously, & they have to attempt to give their students everything they can in the time allotted. Over 90% of those that attend a ccw class will never take another training course again, & likely 90% of that 90% will not practice or train themselves. So what they get in a 12 hour class may be all they have in a fight.

I never want to get the call that Don got, I bring as much as I can to the table & give as much as I can to my students in the time allotted. I hope they never have to use their weapon, but if they do I want them to prevail.

Like the trip to the Para shoot, what can I bring back for my students? What will I be able to add, that will increase their chances if that day ever comes.

For those that seeking some of the finest Warrior Mindset training they can get see the post below.

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