Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crimson Trace They were part of the the Para-USA event Also. I have been a firm believer in CT products going on at least 3 years. I like the fact that the stats show the laser is likely to deter the bad guy, once you light him up, with the laser.

I have also used them to teach sight alignment skills etc, Todd Jarrett takes it to a whole new level, in using the laser & how it moves to diagnose common shooting problems, by reading how the laser moves after the shot is fired.

CT is bringing out a new training video to replace "Shots In The Dark", the new one features Todd, & I am looking forward to getting copies to give to students & fellow Instructors.

Anyone serious about pistol shooting & getting better should really consider hanging a set of CT grips on their gun. Anyone that carries a pistol should really really consider using them, they may stop the fight before it even starts, & if you have to fight you will increase your odds for survival.

One of the cool things about the CT grips they don't alter your gun, & if the CT grips break which seldom happens, your gun will still function 100 percent.

The company has great customer service, as Todd pointed out in 12 years he has broken one set, & he shoots more in a year than most folks shoot in a lifetime. I own 4 sets, & really need to get a 5th set ordered for Lady D's M&P.

Lasers are a lot like electrical ear muffs, you want to put off the purchase, but once you get them you wonder how you got by without them

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