Tuesday, August 26, 2008


http://para-usa.com/ Para-USA held the contest for the bloggers to attend the Todd Jarrett Training at Blackwater. The fellow that put it all together was Kerby Smith, & that in it self was an undertaking, Arrangements for lodging, working out details with Blackhawk, Crimson Trace, & International Cartridge Company. They also put in a special run for the pistols 10 9mm LTC pistols, & 15 45acp LDA's. All were outfitted with fiber optic front sights, & the Para Coat finish in desert tan, & all the pistols were outfitted with Crimson Trace Grips.

The guns were all commander size which is an ideal size for both concealed carry, & for tactical training. They made a very good choice for the event, & no nobody got a free gun, but they did offer us the guns at reasonable prices Photo: http://www.nrahab.com/category/parausa/

CEO Thanos Polyzos, informed us that Para is moving all operations from Canada to Charlotte NC. Production will be in full swing in the mid part of 2009.

Para offers all new owners a lifetime warrenty, & is the only company that tests every pistol with a proof load before shipping.

They were the first with Hi-Cap 1911'2, they designed the LDA trigger, & the Power Extractor.

They are now coming out with the TTR Tactical Target Rifle, it's hybird of sorts, it is an AR lower, it's not a gas blowback like the AR, & it's really not a piston rod set up like an AK, it's called (I quote) The new Para Tactical Target Rifle with its Direct Impinged Gas System™ (DIGS™) & frankly there is no recoil whatsoever in this gun.

Para will offer both complete guns, & uppers that can be mounted on standard AR's, in the coming year.

"For the past decade one of my top secret weapons in the competition world has been the Tactical Target Rifle. I have trusted it and used it exclusively for over ten years. Its unique design lets me get on target faster with accuracy and reliability unmatched in any other rifle. And it is just fun to shoot." - Todd Jarrett, World Champion Shooter and Instructor

If you are looking for a quality 1911,or ever wanted a 1911 but preferred a double action, or a new patrol rifle, check out the growing Para-USA line of products.

How did the guns run? I went through 4 the first night, on Saturday morning, they gave me my original one back & it ran fine the rest of the weekend, Mr Polyzos did tell me Sunday that they make the guns pretty tight & there is a bit of break-in. Some of the folks with the LDA's were having some issues, but in fairness it was a system that they were not fully use to, & that is where the training counts. I understand the issue was in pulling the trigger & then finding the safety was still on, the slide had to be jacked to reset the gun. I for one am a big fan of a manual safety on a carry gun, that in the event of a gun grab the safety will slow the bad guy & give me the time to do something other than get shot. Para has a different system, & one would have to learn the system to be proficient with said system.

I usually carry a Browning HP, in leather. & the switch to the 1911, in the Sherpa holster I found it bit fumblely for lack of a better word, the grip was different, the height the gun rode was different etc etc. I sometimes finding myself flipping safeties off guns that don't have safeties.
I noticed that Todd had none of the issues with his gun, but he is use to the LDA system.


Anonymous said...

To pick just a little nit; The original AR system was called, back in the day, a "direct impingement" system, which was just a fancy way of saying that the gas is brought directly into the receiver without using a piston or op-rod. So going just by their words as you have given them, the new rifle would be a straight-ahead AR system. "Blowback" is something altogether different, and does not involve the use of a gas tap system of any kind. -- Lyle

The Duck said...

Well I also used the word hybird, & it not like the AR