Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Todd Jarrett Wow where to start? He is a bit of a rare bird, I've seen top shooters, that simply could not or would not tell you how to go about learning what they do.
I've seen some try, & fail, I've also seen a lot with ego, & they fall out pretty quick too.

To be a good trainer you have to have the desire to teach & train! You have to have the presentation skills, & you should at least be a good shooter that fully understands the fundamentals to teach them.

But Todd has the desire & the skill to teach plus he is one of the top shootists in the country & when you combine all that, you have a formidable package.

I'm an Instructor myself, & I know what it takes to put on a class. Where does this guy get the energy? If you could bottle it you could make a mint!

Todd is hands on! & he is on the move throughout the class, he will pretty much all at the same time teach the entire class, & working with an individual, & doing a demo of what he is doing, & sending assistants to help other folks.

He grounds you in the basics, shows you how to move & shoot He shows you how to shoot movers, & he shows you how to move & shoot the movers.

While he is teaching at least with our class he was also interfacing with a film crew, & he could do it with out missing a beat.

He showed everybody how to improve, those that were newer or maybe just younger, picked up on his advice & instruction quicker.

For me sometimes when the timer went off, I went to auto pilot, & didn't shoot as well as I'd hoped, but that can come from trying new ideas, & working with unfamiliar equipment all at the same time. Although it's good to get out of your comfort zone, & open yourself to new ideas & views, otherwise you can get stale.

He kept it safe, he kept it moving, & he kept himself open to questions, & I'm sure he was more bushed than the rest of us by the end if the weekend.

One of the things besides his teaching skills was his gun handling, when I have seen even very experienced shooters handle a firearm, they always seem to handle a gun like a tool. When Todd handles his it's more like an extension of his body, it was nearly like an art, & I was in awe.

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NotClauswitz said...

Very nicely written, I'm a bit jealous but only a bit - I know that I would have been *THAT* guy. I don't shoot pistols much.