Tuesday, August 26, 2008


http://www.blackhawk.com/ I remember how when I bought my 1st 511's, & they came in & I was checking out all the coolness features, & then I got to the tag, that said "Made In China", which is all very well for a shirt you buy at wally world, but I felt a bit let down considering it was likely most expensive clothing I'd ever bought. But the cool news is Blackhawk is working very hard at bringing their products back to the USA. From what I understood they have so far saved or created between 150-250 jobs here in country, & that makes them, well very cool in addition to their lines of high speed low drag equipment.

You could walk into Blackhawk, in your shorts, & walk out fully equipped with the exception of firearms, they have the rest. Blackhawk is growing, & seems are always working on new products and ideas. If their R/D group makes it past here I have an idea for a modular mag/light/pepper spray on a paddle, that would work great for ccw''ers. (Rooting in catalog it appears they have such a beast, but I was hoping for 2 mags & a pepper spray;-})
Their line of Sherpa holsters are really nice, & they are not Kydex, they are a Carbon Fiber mix, making them stronger than kydex. You also have the option of belt loops or paddle with every unit. The paddle is very comfortable, & really "locks" in place.

Very generous hosts if I might add. They also provided the company bus for transporting the Blog group from Norfolk & back.

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