Monday, August 18, 2008

Skills Challenge

It's been awhile since I've done any Run & Gun, but yesterday attended the first Buckeye Firearms Skill challenge, sponsored by the local IDPA Chapter, in Oxford Ohio.
Figured it might be a good warmup for the Para Shoot next week, & the money was going to a good cause. Buckeye has done some fantastic work in improving the gun laws in Ohio.

Not as quick as I use to be, & I did get to claim a hit on a "Hostage Target", no one else in the squad did that.........

But anyway, I suppose it is time to get back into it, you can get good lessons on cover, moving & shooting etc.. & doing is on a regular basis tends to reinforce good habits.

It is a game, & it cannot mirror the real thing, but many of the required skills are the same. About the only way it could be the same as real life is if they armed the targets, & had them attack you when you least expected it. But you could move to Chicago, & have the real thing.

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