Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well he is right

Not everything on the internet, or at the display case, or taught in some classes is correct

Estimated number of guns by state

and closest foreign country in ownership.

I am kind of surprised at the numbers for some of the gun control states like NY.

Jeff Knox

Picks 6 of my 7

If you are a voting member of the NRA, get out those ballots, and get it done. You do not have to vote for 25, just vote for those that you believe will do a great job!

Yeah, even you pretty people that live in "safe neighborhoods"

Can get killed

Stop blaming the NRA

I would imagine a lot of those donations, were due to media coverage, promising more gun control laws.

While the NRA can raise nearly 95 million, from it's grass roots, and the anti's can only get 50 million from Bloomberg, as Julie Golob said we are millions with $25.

They won't go away

Like an old dog with a bone

Even if you don't need them, always good to have plenty of spare mags.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Military should look to civilians

For shooting lessons

Stupid people giving stupid training

Step back and close your eyes in a confrontation.

Bad advice at a hefty pricetag

Who comes up with this garbage

Campus carry would cost Texas 47 million??

deal alert

"PMAG GEN M2 30rd 10 PACK $89.99"  

Never give up

Sam Colt failed several times before success.

Wow, I mean Wow.

A politician with a brain

Gun Porn

Beretta APX

Just to confirm

The hot new thing isn't

Finding a common soldier

Is a rare thing these days

We have been saying that for years

But it won't stop the anti's from demanding it

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gun Porn

Seen on Brownells Facebook page

How about a closer look at this 1918 Colt 1911 that Clayton, Brownells Director of Merchandising, just picked up! Grips are WWII era, holster shown was purchased separately, magazine is original and was issued with the firearm.

Ah the stories it might tell.

Looks to be a good resource


OK we are 5 million "crackpots"

That represent 100 Million gun owners

Now if the other 95 million would join we could really shut them up!

This had enough elements of truth

to be almost believeable But in truth it is a satire, but so reflects some of the strongly held bias of certain things working better that others.


8 of 7 students braved the storm yesterday, to attend their first day of NRA Pistol Instructor training, they seem to be to a person pretty dedicated, to being good instructors, you usually don't see 100% commitment to doing it right, but this class will I think be exceptional. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snowing like crazy

Have 900 foot driveway  to clear, and need to get a path to the range, so posts might be light, at least the snow blower is self propelled.