Friday, January 16, 2009

Whats with my 22's?

We provide 22 semi autos for those that don't own a gun for our CCW class, I'd much rather they have some knowledge to buy a firearm after the class, than be sold something they can't use (like an airweight .357 hammerless "J" Frame for a beginning shooter)

So all the Buck Marks are acting up, recently replaced firing pins, recoil springs, & extractors, as we getting a lot of failure to fire, & failure to eject, even with all the new parts we are still getting the same, using Remington Thunderbolts, switched to Aguila & the same problems, tried Federal, & they all went on strike.

Picked up a S&W 22a, & the 2nd class, it was used the extractor assembly disappeared, tomorrow could be an interesting day. They are always worse in colder weather.

Well the old stand by is the Hi Standard wheelgun, they may be using that. I also know there will be 2 Hi Points being brought to class tomorrow, & sometimes they shoot ok, but the rest of the time they don't.

Well at least it will be a lot warmer tomorrow, it's about 15 degrees below zero right now, not counting the windchill, but it's suppose to be a balmy 28 tomorrow......must be that global warming thing.

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