Monday, January 05, 2009

Busy Weekend

Saturday's class were all newbies, with a lot of preconceived notions, sadly several people had told them they had to have guns which they had purchased before they called, a 32 pocket rocket, & 2 hammerless snub nose .357's, needless to say we went through a lot of 22lr, to get the basics down. With 2 Instructors & no more than 3 shooting at once we could do the hands on training, & work on sight alignment trigger control, grip & stance. All 5 left with a lot more knowledge, some new skills & a new attitude.

While we recommend you bring the gun you are going to carry, but if you are new at the game don't buy anything take the class first so you have some knowledge on what to buy rather than have the guy at the gun shop sell you something.

Hit the gun show early Sunday, and I am a bit befuddled by both the crowds & the prices, I mean last year I bought the M&P for $425, this year same dealer $539?!

We also stopped at the Vandalia Range & Armory, a very well stocked dealer with state of art ranges.
I checked out their used guns & saw one of the silliest ideas yet, I spy ed an STI Trojan for $625, (like I need a another 45) but after the owner handed it to me he says that it has a Bra-Sto match barrel.,..................... in .357 Sig, I just handed it back to him. I mean if your are going with a full size government 1911, why not stick with 45 & only have that shove, rather than be slammed every time you pull the trigger? Guess that was why it was in the used case.


Randy Pollock said...


I subscribe to your RSS feed in Google Reader and all your posts are missing the title of your post. It just says (title unknown)

The Duck said...

When I figure it out, I'll fix it, but I am really tech challenged, & have problems making DVD players work let alone this internet thing