Friday, January 23, 2009


Recently purchased a S&W 1911, first trip to the range I noticed the rear sight was about 2 millimeters left of center, which of course caused impact on the target to be several inches to the left. Last night I found the right side hex bit, & loosen the screw & drifted it using a brass drift, nice & centered, I tightened the screw & then could not get the bit out of the screw head. Loosening the screw didn't help, a light tapping didn't seem to do much, so I applied what now appears to be to much pressure on the hex bit & broke it off nearly flush with the screw head, I was lucky in that I had re tightened the screw, but still.

Double Drat.......

One of those weeks, I had dropped off a BHP to the smith, as it was failing to fire on CCI Blazer ammo, I'm not a fan of guns that don't work with whatever I feed them. The failure rate was about 80%. The gun has a light skeleton hammer, & very likely the original firing pin spring & the hammer lacks the weight to over come as I recall the 32 lb firing pin spring, so usually a lighter firing pin spring needs to be installed. Not exactly sure what the smith did, but now the failure to fire rate is down to about 20%, which is still way to high. It's not a gun that I'll carry even if my normal carry gun is a BHP, as it is a lovely blue, & I prefer a tougher finish on a carry piece. But none the less, I want it to go bang every time, I press the trigger.
I have two such HP's that tend to do this & both have the alloy skeleton hammer, I suppose the best way to fix them would be to have proper steel hammers installed.

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