Saturday, January 10, 2009


I really like a lot of the Blackhawk gear, up until I went to Blackwater I had only used some of their slings, but they gave us a care package the weekend of the Para Blogger event, & since I returned I have purchased some Warrior Wear, & several Sherpa Holsters, mag carriers & a belt.

But their website sucks, it's slow & cumbersome, in mid december I ordered a right handed 1911 level 2 Sherpa, & got a Left handed Level 2 Glock 17 , how do you explain that?

By the way the 1911 Level 2 will not take a Taurus 1911, the light rail is to thick, bought one for soon to be son in-law, & while my Kimber Warrior fits just fine his Taurus did not. He did some Dremel work to one or the other & got it to fit.

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