Saturday, January 10, 2009


yep we have a class today, & it's going to be a bit messy, little rain, & sleet & snow, temps in the mid 30's.
But last night students were concerned about staying warm, would they need coats?.....uh duh it's January in Ohio, " yes you will likely need a coat."

They always seem surprised that the range is outside when they call, now we do try to keep them comfortable we have a 10x20 carport so they stay dry, & side walls on the north & west side to act as windbreaks. & when it drops into the mid 20's or lower & gets a bit breezy we take one of the Crown Vics down & leave it running so they can get warm.

If the average midwest city dweller is unprepared to deal with the weather, which the average adult has had about 20 years to get use to, how are they going to deal with some punk trying to rob them at knife point?

Of course at least one or two will show up in tennis shoes & a wind breaker, hell maybe even flip flops.

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