Wednesday, January 28, 2009

seen a few posts on ammo

I've tried to keep it simple myself

22lr, 9mm, 45 ACP, & 38 special (.357 Mag) for pistols

.223, 308, & 30.06 in rifles

12 & 20 in Shotguns

I stock pretty deep in 22lr, 9mm, 45 ACP, & .223

Haven't been shooting much in the wheelguns, & with only one .308 bolt gun I figure 750 rds to be enough (I likely have only put about 50 rounds through it since I got it in 1998)

The .06 is unfired as last year I found I had a 1000 rds of ammo & no gun to put it in, so instead of selling the ammo, I bought a Savage bolt gun.

Really seldom shoot SG's & with over 2000 rounds of shot, buck, & slug, think I'm good there.

But I think it will pay to stash some extra ammo back, & don't be one of those that has to swing by Wally World on your way to the range.

Guns are not much use without the ammo.

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Anonymous said...

You might find Wally World empty. They are out of just about everything here in Colorado..