Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ah the weather...

Well I'm not cussing yet, I was able to get up & down the driveway this morning, mine is longer than most 900 feet, between two farm fields. If I can keep it open we should be ok, hopefully we won't get much wind after the snow has fallen.

Hopefully my neighbor will show up with his plow & we can get the parking area opened up for this weekend, otherwise it could be a hassle for the class this weekend.

Did go down & knocked the ice loose from the portable car port & will repeat once the snow stops.

Working on finishing the "office" in the new class room it's really not a lot bigger than a closet, about 4x5 feet. But big enough to have a file cabinet, & a copier, someplace for the Instructors to stash coats, & with an in the wall safe a place to keep pistols when not doing a class.

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