Monday, January 05, 2009

Tech Question

We very much want to add Power Point Presentation to our classes, I really don't want to have to invest in a multi media projector. I have been told by several that it would be no problem to hook my lap top into my 32 inch analog TV. They say just buy a cable, yeah right, I get a lot of blank stares at the stores I've gone to (Radio Shack , Best Buy, the computer zoo etc..)
The lap Top has VGA outlet, & the TV appears to have co-ax & RCA, it's a bit bulky to move to see what's back there. Anyone out there could give me some advice other than "just buy a cable" would be most helpful

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Axeanda45 said...

Try this page on ebay, lots of choices, and much cheaper than I thought they would be.

or just search for vga to rca there