Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Picked up a Springfield 1911-A1 in 2006 that some garage monkey had tried to customize.
Now of course the question has come up weather I should sell it as is or redo it & hang onto it.

The ejector is in wrong, or the extractor is way to tight, the frame was spray painted with Krylon spray paint, & has several blobs of paint & areas where it ran, it is rather unsightly.

The trigger was not fitted well, and appears to have been dragged in gravel, it does shoot well, but does not cycle well as it extracts the empty, & then shoves it straight back into the chamber, so the recoil spring could be to heavy & not allowing the slide to go far enough back to hit the ejector.

I have several 1911's, 3 Kimbers, 2 S&W, & 2 Para's, so I'm really wondering do I put some time into it or just sell it?

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