Friday, November 23, 2007


ACCEPTING ORDERS FOR HRA GARAND. We have begun inspecting and grading HRA M1 Garand rifles and will now accept orders for Service, Field, and Correct grades. Delivery time is 30 - 90 days. For additional details, please see

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND - CMP CLOSED. All CMP operations and stores will be closed 22-25 November. Normal operations resume on 26 November. The CMP staff wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

INLAND & UNDERWOOD CARBINES. A small quantity of Inland and Underwood carbines in both Service and Rack grades is still available for purchase, and not subject to the one carbine per customer per year restriction any longer.

JANUARY CARBINE RELEASE. Inspection & Repair and grading of M1 carbines is progressing faster than planned. In addition to the January 7, 2008 scheduled sale of carbines manufactured by Winchester, CMP will also accept mail orders for carbines manufactured by Quality Hardware and Rockola. For operational reasons, we have set a limit of one carbine per customer for each of these manufacturers until further notice. A small quantity of these carbines will be available at both CMP stores beginning January 9, 2008, while quantities last. For additional details, please see

CARBINE BARRELED RECEIVERS AVAILABLE JAN 2008. Inland, Underwood, Winchester, Quality Hardware, and Rockola barreled receivers will be available beginning 7 Jan 2008. These items are what remains from our I&R operations. These are stripped barreled receivers, but may contain either a front or rear sight or Type 3 front bands. All of these barrels are considered unserviceable for either internal or external rust, pitting, significant wear, or failing to headspace. These barreled receivers are sold as-is with no exchange or refund allowed. For additional details, please see

2008 STORE OPERATING HOURS. A reminder that CMP stores at Camp Perry, OH and Anniston, AL will no longer be open on Saturdays beginning in 2008. Stores will be open Wed- Fri. For hours of operation and directions, please see . Stores will be closed Dec 16, 2007 - Jan 1, 2008 in celebration of the holidays and for year end inventory.

Thank you for your support of the CMP.
Orest Michaels
Chief Operating Officer

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