Friday, November 09, 2007

I hate dial up

My server & dial up connection, make blogging a pain, & I won't have acess to hi speed until tuesday but a few links of interesting items:

From the Breda Fallacy:

Depending on how it comes out could be a great PR piece for Gun Rights

From Snowflakes in Hell:
Hope for the peoples republic of NJ?

From Tom Hardy:
Similar to my snark on cars

From Days of our Trailers:
ABC has always seemed to be fairer than NBC or CBS

From the War on Guns:
How the main stream media, trys brainwashing?

From Uncle:
What no AK47's or Hi-Point pistols? No assault pistols made the list? slackers!

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Sebastian said...

Tom Hardy is an English novelist :) I think you mean Dave Hardy.