Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Carbon Footprints

From the Canada Free Press today: "You'd never read this in the mainstream media: The owner of MS Explorer that sank, leaving a huge carbon footprint at the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean Friday is an acolyte of teensy-weensy carbon footprint crusader Al Gore. G.A.P. Adventures CEO and Explorer owner, Bruce Poon Tip and Gore have similar ideals, 'filling their schedules with speaking engagements on environmental change to educate global audiences.' And that’s straight off of their website. In fact, as recently as last April, both Poon Tip and Gore gave presentations at the Green Living Show in Toronto. 'I expressed my admiration for Mr. Gore’s commitment and leadership which spans more than 20 years,' commented Poon Tip. 'I also invited him aboard our legendary polar expedition ship, the MS Explorer to visit the Arctic.' The legendary polar expedition ship... 'had at least five faults at its last inspection,' according to Greenpeace spokeswoman Bunny McDiarmid. 'Maritime records show the MV Explorer--'" anyway, it was a bunch of eco-warriors. I was exactly right. There were 154 passengers, and a lot of them were eco-warriors, and they were out there doing a global warming cruise.

Global warmer leftards sunk by an iceberg, does leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling

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