Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I love the title
Since they don't need more, how many do they have?
Since the article was posted without comment, mine are in blue Colleges do not need more guns on campus
We would all agree that this nation has seen its share of horrific moments where a person with a gun has taken far too many lives at high school or college campus.
No one wants to see that happen, and we all want our schools to be as safe as possible.

But, we are concerned about the recent news of a non-partisan group called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.
More than 8,000 students nationwide have joined the group believing the best way to prevent such incidents is more guns.
The group is arguing that students and faculty already licensed to carry concealed weapons should be allowed to pack a weapon on campus.
Every state, but Illinois and Wisconsin allow residents some form of concealed handgun carrying rights.
But many states forbid license-holders from carrying weapons on school campuses, while in states where the decision is left to the universities, schools almost always prohibit it.
Utah is the one exception to that rule.
While we understand that many believe that carrying a weapon is a basic right of self defense, we are concerned about the idea of college students carrying weapons.
Most will argue that carrying guns is needed to protect against massacres such as what happened at Virginia Tech.
We're not so sure.
First, unless everyone is carrying a weapon, not everyone will be safe.

Not everyone needs to be armed to be safe, if arms were allowed everyone would be safer, the fact that some might be armed would likely deter an attack.
It will take time before the rampage is revealed and and the gunman found. That's why the police, never get there in time, & when they do arrive it's all over.
People will get hurt and while some may argue it would be less people, we're not so sure.Better leave everyone defenseless than take the chance of someone getting hurt.
A person wanting to inflict massive harm will find ways to do so unfortunately, regardless of the circumstances.
This is true, so since it might happen anyway, there is no reason to take any measures to stop it.
Secondly, we hope their aim is good. What happens if they hit an innocent bystander in the panic that such situations likely create?

That could happen, so it would indeed be better to keep everyone unarmed, so they have no choice but to be victims, I would much rather just standby & watch 32 people be executed, than take the chance one might get hurt, by my actions.
And, suppose they do stop the gunman. Are college students really emotionally ready to handle the idea of wounding or perhaps killing someone, even in a situation such as that?
Are any of us really?

No emotionally we are much better prepared to do nothing, & just say bad things happen, I'm sure most people would rather be killed or injured, than live with the fact that they killed a madman. You are right much better to die, than live with guilt. Although most people entering the military are the same age, what makes them emotionally ready to handle it?
While self-defense is a good idea, there are many other situations in college where a gun isn't a good idea.

There are many situations in life where a gun is not a good idea, but they are a great idea when you are being backed into a room & some crazy person is killing everything in sight.
College is an emotional time for students. There are also the issues of alcohol and drug use. In these situations, do we really want students having guns?

Life is an emotional time for people!, All these issues happen in the outside world too. That's really why not everyone needs to be armed, those that choose to do so, tend for the most part to use some common sense. I know most of the students leaving home for the first time are really just overgrown kids, but there are young adults that are far more mature than the majority. But the Staff is also prevented from carrying on campus, are they emotional also?
We've already read, or in our case covered, far too many stories where situations have gotten out of control and a weapon was used to settle a matter - in the worst way possible.

That's because they have not been allowed, so that's why you never see them used in the best possible way.
We understand that college students may be concerned for their safety and we would urge universities and schools to do all they can to make campuses safe.

Yes they should be safer, look at those that are licensed as just one part, of making the entire system safer. Remember it takes seconds to dial 911, & the police are only minutes away.

So for those that live off campus, they should give up their rights when they enter the universities?
We're just not sure that guns is the right way to go in this case.

Guns may not be the best, do you have a better one than prayer?
Originally published November 26, 2007

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