Friday, November 30, 2007

Say What?

Guns on college campuses would create chaos
"The truth actually lies polar-opposite with Students for Concealed Carry on Campus' claim. People can't fight fire with fire. Adding more guns to the equation doesn't create a more peaceful environment - campuses will instead be more prone to violence.Guns being permitted on school grounds could have detrimental repercussions, including accidental firings, gun thefts and an increased risk of violent behavior because of provocation by peers or professors.School should be a safe haven where students feel comfortable and secure; however, it's also a culprit of anxiety, experimentation and, therefore, impulsivity. Stress, frustration and guns don't make a mix to take a chance with."

The sheep are at it again, my response:

"FEELING" Safe & "BEING" Safe are two different things. Responsible armed citizens are not a threat to peace & safety. If they can continue to get weapons on airplanes, how are you going to keep them off of a wide open campus? They didn't need scanners at Columbine, they came in shooting. Scanners, cameras & written rules will not stop anyone who is determined to do harm, Period. Can you find a school shooting, that the police could arrive in time to stop them, before they had killed students? It takes seconds to dail 911, & the police are only minutes away, what will you do while you are waiting, beg for your life?
So how do you propose to deter a shooter?, & give the readers something besides "pie in the sky" ideas. How do you plan to handle an active shooter once he is in your face?

When dealing with a homicidal manic, perhaps the only choice is "Fight Fire with return Fire".

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