Friday, November 02, 2007

Can you say Duh!

A Superior Court judge says relatives of a woman who died last year as part of a murder-suicide in Lyndonville can seek punitive damages from the family of the man who killed her. The case is the first of its kind in Vermont.
From the gunguys:
But that doesn’t mean that individuals and families who embrace gun ownership can necessarily escape liability.

Same article, It's just what the NRA has always said: hold the actors responsible for their actions, just because you own a gun does not excuse your responsibility.
I would be very surprised if there is a single gun owner out there that thinks she has some special protection under the law from liablity. But the maker of the gun should not be held responsible, nor should the gundealer, if he followed the law.
We punish drunk drivers, we don't sue Ford or Chevy, or the Beer company, or the bartender.

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