Monday, July 27, 2009

Steel still impresses me

Did a 6 person NRA PPITH course this weekend
they brought an assortment of guns from baby Glocks & Taurus, an old P89 & the new SR9, & there was a Makrov, & 2 HI-Points, but one guy brought a Browning HP. The guy with the Taurus was the newest shooter & it showed, but he got better, he also got very interested in bigger guns before the class was over.
The rest were all about equal, but from the start the guy with the Browning lead the field, The SR9 was around 2nd place. but the guy with Browning was able to shoot as fast as the rest but his groups were tighter.

It's not to say someone with more training couldn't of shot the other guns better, but everyone in this class had about the same background, & training, how much quicker, the guy with a full size steel gun got better.

Little bitty plastic guns can be mastered, but it takes a lot more ammo, & time to do it.

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