Thursday, July 02, 2009

Never had an interest, but...

Since there has been so much gum slapping about assited opening knives of late, purchased a couple of Gerbers at the local box store.

I usually perfer a typical manual opening Spyderco, with the hole in the blade, less to break.
With the Gerber, I find the lock a bit annoying, & wonder a bit about the life of the coil spring.
After carrying it around for a couple of weeks, I have found more than once that the lock has been activated in the pocket, which really slows getting the knife open, will continue to test these, & may try a SOG. But if I need something to depend on I'll stick with the Manual one handers like Spyderco or Benchmade.


Don said...

I don't really use an assisted opener for anything daily anymore. I found with the Kershaws that I had a tendency to "follow" the blade with my thumb, which means you run the risk of slicing your thumb open.

I found that the models with the "flipper" guard built into the blade kept that from happening. I have a Spec Bump around here somewhere that I really liked . . . . but where is it?

Unknown said...

Kershaw's Ken Onion designed series of folders with the "Speed-Safe" assisted opening feature are my new favorites.

They stay closed in my pocket and pack, but they open easily while keeping my fat fingers out of the danger zone.