Friday, July 17, 2009

May change carry gun

Picked up a Colt 1991A1 compact (traded a HP for it)
Thinking about a 2 gun setup.

A S&W 1911PD (Alloy frame, night sights, CT laser), & the compact as a back up.

I've tried a fullsize Government model, but find it a bit heavy by the end of the day. But the alloy is lighter than my HP, so that's good, & going along with "One is none & two is one" a second gun is not a bad idea. I have full faith in the 9mm, but I haven't found a compact 9mm I like well enough to carry as a BUG.

A lot of decisions when chosing your carry gun, at least for now I'll stick with the Browning, & decide how I want to proceed.

I have a couple of Astra A-70's in 9mm, and they have been really reliable guns, I may just get a holster made for one them & carry it with the HP
But with the 1911 platform, if the primary went down, I could still use the full size mags in the compact.
I usually carry 1 or 2 spare mags, but the back up will likely be what's in the gun, with no spare mags
Ah decisions.

Update, well at this point sticking with 9mm, & for the moment will continue to carry the BHP, & later the new Para-USA LTC.

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