Friday, July 31, 2009


I do live "out" as it were, & this year we are surrounded by cornfields, can't see the house from the road.
I usually don't go out without my gun, but today I wanted to get some weed spraying done, & lay some grass seed on some of the spare dirt we got in for the range, so that all went well, & I was out in the classroom, when suddenly behind me the door opened & this guy walked in.

Now lets review the first 10-15 seconds, I'm at the back of the room & someone I don't know has walked in & the only way around them is through them, & I've left my firearm in the house., I was able to reach over on counter, & picked up a knife, & there was a expandable baton nearby, but a loaded gun no where in sight.

Ok it was just elderly gentleman who had driven 100 miles to get his concealed carry license, while he waited.
I told him I would give him a schedule, & we only provided the training, & he would have to go to the sheriffs office for the license.

So ok, it was a false alarm, but a lesson learned

What if it had been someone just looking to score some stolen property, or someone bent on acts of violence? I do know a lot of people in my area know we do the training, & have a number of firearms on the property, so there is no reason to think I won't be a target.

I wasn't helpless, I could have used the knife or the baton, or could have produced an unloaded gun (True I would have known, but he wouldn't have), & I'm certified in defensive knife, & was certified in expandable baton as an advanced instructor.

So nothing happened, but it could have & I didn't have the most efficient means to protect myself.

So the reminder is you never know, and it was a lesson learned.

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