Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Training Newsletter For Armed Professionals And Responsible Citizens
Registrations must be made by phone with the Training Coordinator at 603-418-8181 to receive the advertised discount.End of Summer Vacation Special! Take the family to scenic Hampton Beach (only 15 minutes away) and take a week of phenomenal training at 30% off!Civilian Response to Terrorist ThreatsAug 22 - 23

Learn the mindset, tactics, techniques, and likely targets of the organized terrorist. Geared toward the responsible, armed citizen, this course blends lecture, multi-media, and defensive firearms tactics into realistic skill sets for the prepared individual.Civilian Response to Terrorist Threats - Force-on-Force
Aug 24

Taken after the 2-day course, or, as a stand-alone training opportunity, this course is a full day of Force-on-Force training scenarios against live opponents. Training takes on a whole new dimension when your targets shoot back.Extreme Close Quarters Battle - Long Guns
Aug 25 - 26

Learn to fight up close with your rifle or shotgun, from arms-reach to contact distance, this course will expose both strengths and weaknesses of long guns employed in typical home defense and urban scenarios.
Combine all 3 for a 5-day package. Regularly $985, specially offered at $690. Save 30%!Back To School Specials for August - Save 20%Low Light OperatorAug 10


Sure, you go to the range when you can. Every year or two you take a professional class and tune up your skills. You may even get in some force-on-force training once in a rare while. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive bang for your buck to maximize and (more importantly) test your abilities under stress, then join your local gun club and compete in an action shooting match.Whether you shoot an IDPA® match, IPSC/USPSA® match, Steel Challenge® match, or 3-Gun, you are sure to put your shooting skills to the test. Action shooting matches truly test your ability to shoot, perform reloads, move and shoot, and think in a fairly stressful environment. No, there isn't anybody shooting back at you. But that 16-year-old kid who shoots before you and smokes the stage with perfect hits and a blazing fast time will make you work for your shots. Especially after you just finished telling him how many years you've been shooting and all the schools you've attended. Its go time now! You will be under the watchful eye of range officials, spectators, and other competitors. Believe me, this is stressful. It took me many years to get myself to a shooting competition. I always thought, "that's not my thing", or, "I train for the 'real world'". Well, let me be the first to tell you, when that 16-year-old amateur smoked me in a match, it was humbling, and it was the real world. Bottom line; the action shooting sports will increase your speed, force you to think and shoot, force you to move and shoot, and it will be stressful. Oh yeah . . . you'll have fun too! Guaranteed.
Adam Painchaud
Senior Instructor

To learn more, try these following courses:

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Competition Handgun 250 w/ Ron Avery

I do find it interesting while Law Enforcement, the Government, & the Media will tell you to leave it in the hands of professionals, the training companies, know you may will need the training as you will be the one there when the smelly stuff hits the fan.

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