Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Spoke with a police officer last night, that I've known since he was a boy.
We have shot together, we have discussed training at length, & he has been very self motivated,
A few nights ago, he was in a confrontation, The BG was armed, & as he put it about 2 seconds from getting two the chest & one to the head.
Tachphysca had set in, everything was moving real slow, as he said it seemed like 7 minutes, & it was likely 7 seconds.
But as he put it his thousands of rounds, & hours of training paid off, at the moment he was going to put the guy down, another officer came around the corner behind the BG, He said he has trained enough he does not get tunnel vision, He spotted the other officer, lower his gun & moved off the line of fire, his fellow officer tased the BG and pretty much ended the problem right there.
He said it was so close, nearly to close to call, but he as he put it those endless hours at the range paid off.
He & the other officer went home & the BG got lodging at the jail.
It's a shame more officers won't train like he does.
As to validation, whenever, I have the chance to talk to gunfight survivors, we find what we are teaching is really what is happening in the fight.
Train often, Train well, Train Real

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