Monday, October 08, 2007


Attended the 22nd Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference this past weekend.

With the SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, & his staff from SAF & CCRKBA,
were a number of guest speakers
John Lott, David Kopel, Don Kates,David Hardy,& the Lawyers in the DC case Levy & Gura,
Speakers from the NRA, NSSF, NMLRA, and others
Larry Pratt from GOA, Wayne LaPierre was suppose to be there but illness halted his appearance.

Ron Paul also made an appearance.

A great deal of Information was given out. Several books etc, a lot of material to work with.

The event was free to those that signed up, & not to be picky about free, but I really think it would have been better with fewer speakers.
We were can I say given a lot of appetizers but in some areas the "Meat" would have been much better, if the speaker could of had the time to get a little deeper into the subject.

Next year it will be held in Phoenix AZ, last weekend of Sept.
watch for sign up information. if it's in your area it's worth the trip

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