Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Sheep keep Bleating this:

Quote from an editorial: This argument is inappropriate to use as a justification for their viewpoint. It is highly unlikely that such a scenario would unfold and that concealed weapon holders would be able to take down a shooter without hurting innocent bystanders or causing further confusion, while law enforcement officials attempt to intervene in a chaotic situation.

1. I'll agree shooting at the colleges is fairly rare, only 3 that I can think of so far this year.

2. The sheep are so afraid the CCW'ers will shoot everyone except the bad guy, It is possible, but highly unlikely. Most civilians practice more than do most police.
Also it is wise to remember if this guys wanted to be in a gun fight they would not to do the shooting in a "GUN FREE ZONE"! The biggest thing to stop school shootings is to Deter the shooter, & a metal sign is not a deterrent.

3. The Police nearly always get there after the shooter is done, & has killed himself.

4. Not all students live on campus, & some area where campuses are located are simply not nice neighborhoods, and in many students are looked on as easy money by the BG's

The sheep, need to at least learn to get over the fear of the sheepdogs, because when the wolf comes that will be all they have, of course if the mere sight of an empty holster frightens them perhaps they should return to France.

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