Friday, October 05, 2007

Campus Carry

Whereas is seems the "Only Ones" are against allowing adults to carry on the nations campuses.
The Director of Security at the University of Cincinnati put out the question if there was a shooting & they arrived on the scene how would they know which was the good guy & which was the bad guy?

Here is a clue Ferra: The good guys are not likely to point their gun at you!

The other excuse, the CCW'er might hit other students trying to hit the bad guy. Come'on now most CCw'ers practice & train more than your local police, yes it could happen, but really not likely, & even if did, I'd rather hear the good guy winged two classmates but stopped the killing, rather than hear 20 students were helplessly gunned down by a mad man.

But you can "feel" safer, shootings on campuses have only happened at 4 of America's 4700 colleges. Of course that does not include all the crime that happens in such prime hunting areas. where the BG's know the victims are unarmed.

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