Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guns in the Workplace

Why not? Why can an employer ban a gun from the workplace? What's the point?
I mean if I have no intent to do harm, what is the problem?
Now if I did intend to do harm, how is the employers rule going to stop it from happening?
Suppose an employer banned the Bible from the property? Would that give him the right to fire an employee?

Remember throughout history more wars have been started over religion, guns at times were the means, but it was over religion.

So the bible is a book, which is property, & a firearm is property, and an employer can ban ether when you are on his property.
So how many of my rights as a citizen have to be surrendered to be employed, & be a subject?
I would guess the 1st, the 2nd, & the 4th for starters

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Dustin said...

Yes I agree 100%. If an employer wants to invoke his right to ban firearms in the office said employer should also accept full responsibility for the safety of all employees. If some madman comes onto the property & kills employees who have been rendered defenseless by the gun free policy, the employer should support the families of the fallen employees.