Friday, October 05, 2007

Global Warming

Looking over my electric bill, I see it about the same every month winter or summer.
In the Summer we run some ac, & in Winter the blower on the furnace.
Now everything is run on electrical, the stove the dryer water pump the water heater. The furnace is propane, so if it warms enough that I could use the ac or no ac year round & not have to use the furnace, I could save 1200-1500 gal of Propane.
Which in turn would really save me some money, which could go for better things like ammo.
So although the earth is warming, & even if we put out every man made cooking fire etc, it would not slow the pace of earth's warming, we could reach a point where we are nearly neutral in the balance of things.
Yes the earth has been warming for 50,000 years, it use to be covered with ice!

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