Thursday, December 10, 2009


Jamaica Deploys 700 Police Officers as Island Nears Record Number of Killings

Seems they have pretty tight gun control laws

Compare by population Jamaica 2,780,132 (July 2007 est.) Over 1600 Homicides
USA over 300 million around 14,000 Homicides (2008 FBI UCR)

So we have over 100 times the population, but only 10 times the homicides, with "lax" gun laws.
I would also doubt that there are very many homicides caused by self defense in Jamaica, while in the US it is estimated that about 11% are self defense or legal intervention (Source Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns by:J. Neil Schulman) and as a side note in 2006 I tracked the results of every homicide in Cincinnati Ohio there were 89, 9 were deemed self defense, and that results in slightly over 10%
So Jamaica like England both have higher violent crime rates with strict gun control, than the US with it's "Lax" gun controls.

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