Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Planning for a Tactical Class

Tips on being prepared for one of those expensive gun classes.

I usually pack about a week to 10 days before I go, make a check list, and use it.
Never take one gun, always have a back-up. When I took LFI I packed 3 High Powers, my primary had an extractor go on the 2nd day. Being all the same I only had to switch out the gun, mags holster stayed the same.

For your own sake dress for the weather! Get the proper clothing, footwear etc. and be prepared for mother nature. If your toes are freezing it's hard to pay attention to the Instructor, and get what you paid for.

I also pack 3 bags, a small daily range bag, a larger bag with ammo etc, left in car. I also have a go bag with the rain suit, bottled water, snacks, bug juice, sun screen etc. Sometimes it's a bit of a hike and 2 small bags are easier than one big bag.

Also have proper mag pouches, holsters etc, if you fighting your gear, you are not going to learn anything
Trying to stuff mags in your back pocket does not work well, If it takes batteries take spares.

But to make the most of your course prepare, and plan ahead.

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