Monday, December 28, 2009

Year in Review

Pretty busy, got the range finished, installed generator, got the house painted

Training didn't get to do a lot this year, Dave Grossman's Bulletproof Mind, one day at TDI, and a Defensive Knife class.

Gunwise, got a Para TTR, 3 Para pistols (the Tac-Five, the Carry 9, and a P18-9mm), a CZ75 cutaway for class, several 22's. Sold my Colt AR, my S&W 1911, and 3 of the Browning HP's, and a CZ83 cutaway so I came out about even for the year.

Business was fairly good, managed to keep the lights on, the gross good bit less than when I had an 8-5, but enough, and hopefully some of those new gun owners out there will decide they need more training.

Hope to take more classes in the coming year, you always learn something. I'd like to take a class from Ken Hackathorn if anybody hears of one in the midwest, and I'd like to make it over to Boone County Indiana for some of the training they offer.

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