Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ohio ccw class 5 guns, 5 students

Sig 357 Glock (model 31?) did well although it was getting to him by the time he qualified with the sharp recoil, but he did pass the qualifier by 1 shot. He did seem to be rethinking his choice of calibers.

Dan Wesson Switch barrel shot well, once we got his finger to index (he could shoot just poor safety habits) We did seem to get the point across about the importance of indexing.

Ruger P95 The guy had the gun sights jacked to the right, as he was gripping the gun in a fashion that he was taking the recoil on the first thumb joint, instead of the "V' of his hand. While I tried to show him a proper grip, he seemed to indicate he knew more about it.

Auto-Ordnance 1911 Well it was a combo of ammo, gun, and magazine malfunctions, with a bit of a ridge between the ramp and the barrel, a number of failures to feed, the ammo was from Georgia Arms?, seemed to not want to feed, and the mags were crap, I loaned him my Kimber but he used his mags, and it was better but not great, he did shoot well, and at the end of range time, I used a Wilson Combat, and some factory ammo, 1st round didn't want to go into battery, but once it was loaded ran well, I think a bit of polishing , good ammo, and a couple of good mags it would be a decent pistol. He did manage to shoot a 100% on the qualifier despite the malfunctions

Interarms StarFire 9mm, student had a lot more hand than gun, and we encountered feed problems with 2 different brands of ammo, I loaned him a Browning HP, and he improved with the first shot.With the longer sight radius, and bigger grip, he was rethinking his choice for CCW. As I recall the guns were pretty highly rated back in the 90's.

All in all it was a long 2 hours in the snow, and cold and dampness. We usually do not get this number of gun problems, or as many trips back to the classroom to get loaners or ammo or mags, to keep everyone running, Jim was able to keep those that were shooting going while I ran for stuff. But I suppose with 2 Instructors, and 5 students we were able to take the time to get them squared away, and send them in the right direction, by the end of the day. We only have 12 hours to train them, and really work to get them thinking about their choices, even the guy with the Ruger admitted he needed to work on his grip so I guess we made progress

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