Monday, October 19, 2009


Attempted to shoot the Gun Blog 9 yesterday, was shooting some Fiocchi 115 grain, I had to keep bumping the slide to get her into battery, then on ejection it held the fired case, I thought it might be the ammo and switched over to CCI Blazer, but it continued to not go in to battery, and held the empty case in the extractor, and failed to eject.

I'm guessing between 1500-2000 rounds since the gun was serviced after the Blog shoot at BW.
I also tried using different mags no improvement. Recoil spring? Wrong Lube?

Also of late my Kimber Custom II Stainless Target (9mm) won't chamber WW whitebox, but is working with everything else, so that I consider an ammo issue


BUFF_dragon said...

I've been having some malfunctions lately as well.
Got my Para back from service and it runs perfectly (if not better than before), but my Ruger MKII has stopped working again after 40 rounds... they fired 10 rounds to function check it before they shipped it back, I fired 40 through it after getting it back and the trigger has stopped resetting again... dunno what I'm gonna do with that gun, love it and hate it all at the same time.....

The Duck said...

Send it back to them again