Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Buckeye Bash

The Bash is one of the fundraisers that BFA uses to support the non profit Foundation, I have been proud to help as sponsor in their events.
Of course with the McDonald case going to the SCOTUS, they are working on filing a brief as they did in Heller, and the briefs are not cheap. Get on board send them a check, I understand it is tax deductible.

We need to win McDonald there is no reason your right to self defense should end at a state line, or city limits.

The bash had surprise visitor the Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland, the first pro gun Governor in decades, and he is a democrat. He has had a solid pro gun stance in his first term, so hopefully we can get behind him for a second term.

The leading RINO is straddling the fence, no surprise there.

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