Friday, October 30, 2009

Color me dumb, but

787 Billion to create 25,000 (gov claims 30,000) jobs, that's how much per job average? (avg job created $2,600,000)
Along with 288 Billion in tax cut saved 650,000 jobs (avg per job "saved" is $443,000)

Even if we say total is 690,000 jobs that's over 1,500,000 per job.

Now I don't have a degree, and my calculator may be broken, but in my opinion it would have done more for the economy to have held a lottery, and given 500,000 people a million tax free, and said have fun. It would have saved 287 Billion in stimlus, and the 288 billion tax cut wouldn't be needed.

After all, they would have spent it, bought new cars, TV's, houses, etc, and that in turn would have kept a lot of things going.


Anonymous said...

Or just give everyone in the country $4000.

GunGeek said...

Some nit-picky math corrections...

787B / 690K jobs = $1,140,000

(still quite a bit)

for Anonymous:

330,000,000 people in this country X $4,000 would be over $1.3 Trillion. So, 787B / 330M = just under $2,400 each. So, HUGE boom in home theater sales and then nothing. Not a very good idea.

Of course, the best idea is to not spend all of our money for us in the first place.

The Duck said...

I knew the math was off, but none the less, we are paying out more than we are getting.