Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gun Show Saturday

Seldom, make the gun shows on Saturday's, sometimes on Sunday morning, but yesterday, we were going to the Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Foundation "Buckeye Bash" event. So we left a bit early and hit the gun show. The Bloomberg effect was apparent, they gave everyone a card with the rules for selling a firearm, and every table, had a small sign stating background checks were required, and posters high lighting the federal laws regarding firearm sales adorned the walls, perhaps it's a good precaution, it make keep Michael's private investigators from acquiring a gun, I don't think it will slow down the criminals down in the slightest.

It was packed, everybody was busy, and sales appeared pretty brisk, I checked one of my favorite dealers, nearly as soon as I walked in the door, and they had a couple of used guns I was interested in checking out, they were about 3 deep in lookers, so I went around the room, the usual start at one end & work my way back. Found Acme Ammo and picked up some .223, and visited with the folks at Stoner Holster. By the time, I got back to Loveland Shooters Supply, both of the guns had been sold, and they were still busy.

The good news from the show was while it was still higher than last year ammo prices were coming down, the avg. price for .223 was around $350, which was well below $1,000 a few shows ago. Even found some 9mm at $250/1000 which while higher than last year about $50 less than a couple of months ago. So perhaps turning the curve on ammo shock.

Left the show, and with some time to kill, stopped at the Vandalia Range & Armory, and it looked like everyone that had been at the show, had found a shortcut and gotten there ahead of us, they were packed too. I headed for the used case.

I know I've always been a proponent of carrying the biggest gun, you can conceal, but there are times I want a to carry a backup. I had toyed with the idea earlier this year of carrying the S&W 1911PD (commander size) with a Colt Officer, being seamless in transferring from one to the other, and the magazines for the commander would fit the officer. That idea got derailed when a friend of mine wanted the Colt more than I did, and I was still pretty convinced I can shoot the 9mm better under stress.

Well laying in the corner, of the used case was a Para Carry 9 an officer sized 1911 LDA, she had been carried, and she is by no measure pretty, but inside she is tight, she hadn't been shot much, and the LDA trigger was smooth, and the magazines from my Para LTC will fit, so it appears I have resolved my need (ok want) for a BUG.

It's simple both guns function the same, same caliber, and the mags for the primary will fit the back-up. Will be at the range today with a class, and we'll get chance to see how she dances.

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