Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Open Carry Discussion

Also an interesting open carry story:
Friend of mind works in the the summer at Yellowstone National Park, they had a "Man with a gun call", so they called him to check the area, and see if there was a man with a gun, and if there was not to do anything , other than confirm the sighting.
Which he did, and a female park ranger responded, she explained to the subject that it would not be lawful until Feb. 22, of 2010 to legally carry a gun in the park. She was more than willing to give him a break and told him if he returned to his vehicle, unloaded and stored the firearm in the trunk, there would be no further action.

The subject decided to challenge her, as it "Was his right to carry a gun openly", The ranger once again explained to this idiot that the law prohibited carry in a national park until next year, and he would just take the gun to his vehicle and secure it she wouldn't arrest him.

So he argued with her some more, and ended up face down on the boardwalk, and cuffed, and under arrest.
This individual made a bad decision in where he was going to OC, and was not wise enough to take the break, when one was given.

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